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Science and engineering innovation designed to protect those we love.

What is it?

EMP Shield™ is the worlds most advanced technology designed to protect your home from Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) attacks.

Utilizing advancements in energy shunting technology, EMP Shield is the only patented and commercially available product capable of protecting your homes electrical systems from multiple attacks of the worlds most advanced EMP weapons. Far surpassing the Department of Defense EMP protection requirements, shunting energy in less than a nanosecond, EMP Shield was tested at Keystone Compliance: Regulatory Compliance Testing Facilities located in New Castle, PA proving to be the world’s most capable and durable EMP protection device.

Trusted by the Department of Homeland Security

EMP Shield is currently working with the Department of Homeland Security and the Department of Defense to Strengthen and Harden our Military Bases, Facilities and Assets not only within the continental United States, but around the World.  Why should your home or vehicle be any less protected?

Far Surpassing DOD Standards

DOD standards require E1 spikes begin shunting at 20 nanoseconds. EMP Shield does it in less than 10 nanoseconds, while some models can begin shunting overvoltage in less than 1 nanosecond. A nanosecond is fast, but our advanced proprietary EMP Shield technology is faster!

EMP Certify Your Home

Join the Informed, Intelligent and EMP Protected ranks by Purchasing and Installing an EMP Shield in your home, office or business today!  Not only will you have the peace of mind in owning an EMP Protected Property, you will be doing your part to help Safeguard our Nation against the a highly probable Act of Terrorism or inevitable Act of Nature!

Read Our American EMP Defense Protection Plan

Modeled and Aligned with the DOD and DHS Defense Initiative in mind, our Experts at EMP Shield have devised an EMP Defense Protection Plan directed at protecting your family from the life shattering dangers of an EMP, HEMP or CME event!

EMP Awareness and Education Campaign

EMP Shield and its Affiliates are working diligently to Educate and Enlighten everyone from the Average Citizen to Federal, State and Local Municipalities on the dangers associated with EMP, HEMP and CME.  Our goal is to protect every Home, Business, Hospital, Police Station, Communication Infrastructure and more!

Home Lightning Defense

Not only can EMP Shield protect against EMP, HEMP, and CME dangers, it also protects your personal property against damage from Lightning Strike and Power Surges!  EMP Shield technology has saved homes and business’s Millions of dollars in property damage, production downtime and equipment failure since 2017.

Easy Installation for All Devices

With over 35 models of EMP Shield in production and New Models being designed every day, we have a model designed just for you!  From simple Plug-and-Play models, Hard Wired Models, Automotive and Radio Antenna Models, if you can wire up a light switch in your home, you can install your very own EMP Shield today! No matter what model you may have, we will have a video to assist you with the installation. 

Welcome to Impossible Surge™ EMP Defense Technology

At the core of the EMP Shield is a technology created by Tim Carty, the Founder of EMP Shield. This technology named Impossible Surge, allows the EMP Shield to withstand over 40x HEMP strikes before failing.

The Possibilities are limitless

What Can EMP SHIELD Protect?


Currently, in homes across the world, EMP Shield works in homes of all sizes and types.


Camping and Travel

Not at home? Don’t worry. EMP Shield has a portable version for those who are away. 


Industrial and Corporate Facilities

EMP Shield is protecting power plants and manufacturing facilities, and building of all sizes across the globe.


Whether your vehicle is a car, motorcycle, plane, boat, or space ship we’ve got you covered.


Department of Defense

EMP Shield is currently being used around the world to protect those that protect us.


Large Scale Infrastructure

EMP Shield is being used around the US by entire counties to protect their infrastructure.


Number of Consecutive EMP Strikes the Home EMP Shield Can Take

Value of Property Currently Protected by EMP SHIELD

AMPs Require to Destroy an EMP SHIELD HOME Model

EMP Shield has been rigorously tested at the Keystone compliance facility which is a federally approved facility that is used to conduct many of today’s most advanced and rigorous technological tests. Out testing and evaluations conducted at the facility were documented in depth to show the true ability and durability of the EMP Shield. The testing results derived from Keystone compliance testing facility highlights EMP Shields true strength and capability. Below you will find the complete Keystone Compliance testing results of the EMP Shield.

We’ve been busy and we’re happy to share our success with you

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EMP – Fact VS Myth

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Our Best Selling Product

EMP Shield “Home” connects directly into your houses circuit breaker in minutes

EMP Certify Your Home and Protect Your Way of Life.

Our EMP Home Certification means that your home exceeds the Department of Homeland Security Standards for Electro Magnetic Pulse protection. Install EMP Shield into your house’s circuit breaker to protect all electronics in your home from Solar, High Altitude, and Weather related Electro Magnetic Strikes. 

Learn About Electromagnetic Pulses

EMP Shield and its Affiliates are working diligently to Educate and Enlighten everyone from the Average Citizen to Federal, State and Local Municipalities on the dangers associated with EMP, HEMP and CME.  Our goal is to protect every Home, Business, Hospital, Police Station, Communication Infrastructure and more!

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Installation Video Archives

We have an installation video for every EMP Shield we sell on our website. Each video provides you with easy to follow step by step instructions to assist you in getting your EMP Shield installed in minutes. Our Video Archives will be available by January 2019.


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