EMP Shield News

New DHS Electromagnetic Incident Protection Strategy

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) today announced the release of a Strategy for Protecting and Preparing the Homeland against Threats from Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) and Geomagnetic Disturbance (GMD). Developing a strategy that lays out a clear vision, the...

How Safe is the Power Grid?

I think anyone who’s lived through an Ice Storm can answer this question with ease.  However, the experts at the ASCE or American Society of Civil Engineers, regularly evaluates, reviews and issues strength/weakness reports regarding the Continental United States...

What is an EMP anyway?

An Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) is an instantaneous burst of high-power energy caused by man-made sources such as electromagnetic weapons or a high-altitude nuclear burst and occurs as a radiated field that couples on to electrical lines, telecommunication lines, and...

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