EMP Shield News

Are Smart Meters Safe?

What are Smart Meters? Smart Meters are digital utility meters that send customers’ detailed usage information to the utility using a radio-frequency transmitter (or over the power lines in the case of Powerline Carrier (PLC) systems.  Some meters also contain other...

Giant EMP Emitter in New Mexico. EMP Protection for National Defense

Seen in movies and video games, an EMP or electromagnetic pulse is often believed to be a fictitious weapon. Although the majority of the United States is unaware of what an EMP is, this threat is actually very real. As this threat has been realized by the government,...

EMP – Fact VS Myth

We all can agree that there is plenty of speculation regarding the effects and damage caused by an EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse) or Solar based CME (Coronal Mass Ejection).  In this article, we'll go over some of the documented Facts versus some of the Myths surrounding...

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