We all can agree that there is plenty of speculation regarding the effects and damage caused by an EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse) or Solar based CME (Coronal Mass Ejection).  In this article, we'll go over some of the documented Facts versus some of the Myths surrounding this highly debatable topic.

I consider myself knowledgable on the subject, not because I simply regurgitate the information that is widely circulated around the internet.  But because I've spent countless hours scrubbing that information, verifying sources and consulting with several experts in this particular field of study.

Let's look at two of the most commonly discussed EMP Myths circulating around today -

Modern Vehicles

Myth - Only vehicles produced before 1980 will operate after an EMP attack.

Reality - This widely circulated Myth simply just isn't true.  While many post electronic ignition vehicles will be affected by an EMP pulse, most in fact will continue to operate with little to no permanent damage.  Scientists conducted multiple tests on over 40 different makes and models of modern vehicles versus the effects of an EMP.   Tests were conducted in various conditions simulating vehicles being directly exposed to being stored in underground parking garages.

Of those tested, both running and turned off during testing, over 90% were either unaffected, simply started right back up or required minor repairs such as a simple fuse replacement.  Approximately 6% required moderate repair such ignition module or coil replacement and 4% required major repair such as those items listed above as well as wiring harness replacement.

Modern Electronics

Myth - All modern or integrated circuit electronics will be rendered inoperable or destroyed.

Reality - Again, this widely circulated Myth simply just isn't true either.  The fact is that the E1 through E3 pulse waves created by an EMP burst will in fact travel away from the point of release in an arching wave causing variable effects on modern electronics within line of sight from said release.  The reason these pulse waves will effect electronics as well as the National Power Grid in vastly different ways is primarily due to the amount of conductive wiring associated with each.  Studies show that small electronic devices with little to no conductive wiring will barely or in most cases not even be effected at all.

Modern conductive wiring acts not only as a means of transmission for an EMP pulse wave, but also acts as an amplifier and will intensify the destructive energy produced by these pulse waves.  The fact that there are over 17,000 miles of transmission lines within the United States, is the primary reason why the National Power Grid and any building connected to it, will be catastrophically affected unless Energy Shunting devices are installed at key junctions and transformers.

This same logic also applies to every unprotected Home, Business and electronic device connected to those unprotected power transmission lines.  Unless each home or business is protected at the incoming breaker box by an Energy Shunting device, those destructive pulse waves will travel through the conductive wiring and fry said wiring and connected electronic device.


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