About Us
In 2017 Tim Carty, joined Stan Deyo in an ambitious project to capture solar electrostatic waves from our atmosphere as an alternate energy source. While discussing the new system's circuit, Stan asked Tim to design a surge protector for it in case lightning were to strike too close to the system's antenna.

Tim designed the surge protector Stan requested; but he and Tim had a thought about the North Korean situation and the possibility of a nuclear High Altitude Electromagnetic Pulse
(H.E.M.P.) which would get through normal surge protectors on the market. They investigated the military H.E.M.P. surge protectors to see what protection they could offer. Soon, they discovered the military standard surge protectors were only good for one H.E.M.P. before they burned out and were quite expensive.

They realized they weren't the only ones needing the H.E.M.P. protection. Other people needed H.E.M.P. and
solar E.M.P. protection for their homes, cars, boats, planes and other electronic devices. They spent a few days pondering a way to make a reusable H.E.M.P. shield for homes - as well as for businesses. It had to shield every electrical device inside them. They solved the problem with a design that can take multiple H.E.M.P. strikes without failing - while being cost efficient.

It is many times more efficient than the single-use standard military design and can be fitted to the household circuit breaker box with just four wires. The device will protect homes with less than 10,000 sq. ft. of floor space serviced by a circuit breaker box. With the real possibility that North Korea, Russia or China might start WWIII, they decided to bring this technology to the market as soon as possible.

The U.S. Government is working toward protecting our electricity grid but that will not protect our homes. People will need working appliances and other electronics when power is restored whether by the power grid or by local generators -
thus the EMP Shield was born...